To best way to maximize the [[Compounding value of memories]] is to create a *remembering system*. This system can take numerous forms, but at its core, it creates a ***regular prompt*** to [[§ 1.5 - Remember|re-live]] the memories from previous trips. The underlying idea here is to keep adding up those [[Memory dividends]] each time you revisit old trip memories. Because it's easy for trips to be temporarily forgotten—especially if you travel often—it's important that you create a structured system for looking back on old trips. Relying on haphazard opportunities alone is, well, an unreliable way of remembering. # The Basics There are two keys to a Remembering System: 1. It prompts you to review a previous trip on a *regular* basis 2. These prompts include *all* the trips you want to remember Your system can prioritize especially important trips more regularly, but it should still include ways to look back on "less important" trips, too. Because these "lesser" trips are inherently less memorable, they tend to provide fewer [[Memory dividends]], so including them in your system is important if you want to increase your ROA from the trip. For instance, your system could prompt you to review your biggest trip of each year every few months, while being reminded of smaller trips just once a year. Figuring out a system that works for you may require some forethought, experimentation, and revision—but the results are worth the effort. By creating a system, routine, or habits around [[§ 1.5 - Remember|re-living]] your travel memories, you'll ensure that you maximize your ROA for each trip you invested your time and energy into taking. # What to review If you written a trip journal and have an album of photos from the trip, that's probably where you should start. If you have a [[Trip dashboard]], you may find yourself perusing some other details as well. If you don't have a trip journal, perhaps it's worth [[Retrospective journaling|writing one now]]. You can always add more to the entry later, including doing some [[Progressive journaling]] the next time the trip pops up in your remembering system. It may also help to do some [[Collective remembering]]. # When to include a new trip This is up to you, and partly, up to the system you've created. The key is simply to create a recurring system that ensures you continue to get value from your trips long after you’re home. # Examples While many of these are not systematic approaches to remembering and can't be counted on to uncover all the trips you want to remember, they can be easy and valuable ways to add additional remembering prompts. ## Systematic approaches - [[Life Admin system]] geared towards trip memories - [[On this day]] prompts (such as [One Photo Club]( - [[Spaced repetition memory system]] - [[Annual travel review]] ## Less systematic, but still useful prompts: - [[Displaying trip photos]] or souvenirs - [[Social media prompt|Social media prompts]] - [[Collective remembering]] reunions - [[Happy birthday message]] routines - [[Editing photos as a remembering practice|Editing photos]] after a trip - Random note features - Randomized number system (number your trips, use a random number generator to pull a series of random numbers for each of the trips, and review them on a set schedule)