Online reviews suck these days. They're just too unreliable to be of much use. They're too easily gamed by companies, or fudged by influencers, or prone to entirely conflicting opinions that makes you question how reviewers could possibly be discussing the same thing. Simply put, it can be utterly useless. So I've decided to do my own little bit to improve this situation by posting my own experience, research, and recommendations here. You can find them below or by checking the #product-reviews tag. I’ve also listed a number of my go-to products on [my /uses page]( [Contact me]( if you have any questions about anything I post, or to let me know if this was useful for you. Sometimes I'll include an affiliate link (that costs you nothing to use) so you can help support site costs—but as with all of my public notes, my goal here isn't to make money. ## Products - [[Headlamps]] - [[License plate screws]] - [[Travel toothbrush]] - [[Moen Flo Smart Leak Detector]]