This is a [[Map of Content]] (MOC) for various notes, insights, and strategies for dealing with the inevitable: aging. Here are lessons we've learned while dealing with my dad's sudden decline in health, our proactive attempts at providing a better # Topics ### What to expect when you age - [[Last years of your life suck]] - [[Killing time]] - [[When you're old, you don't want new experiences]] - [[You retire on your memories]] - [[You don't realize your age]] - [[Health span]] - [[Death Date]] ### How to prepare for aging - [[Create strategic hobbies]] - [[5 core habits|5 core habits]] - [[Aging/Transfer assets]] - [[Elder law attorney]] ### Staying organized - [[Medical reference document]] - [[New illness means a new project to manage]] ### Things to buy - [[Clocks for aging]] - Book: [[Book - Age in Place by Lynda Shrager]] --- Last updated: June 26, 2023